Giving ourselves permission. Have you?


I recently met up with Euan Semple, self professed digital cage-rattler and author of the book Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do. Among the many things discussed, one that fascinated me was that of ‘permission’. In a subservient world we wait for permission to be granted, in a networked ‘exponential’ world we bestow permission upon ourselves. 
We give ourselves the go ahead. Over to you Euan…

Permission by Euan Semple


Euan Semple

Is authority more important to those who wield it – or those who defer to it?

Sometimes it seems simpler to give others permission to think for us, to tell us what to do, to take responsibility for our happiness. Life seemed so much easier when our parents did this for us and we long to return to that feeling of comfort and safety. We are attracted by the seductive ease of giving others permission to make sense of the world for us through the news, to industrialise story telling in film. We are drawn to the apparent safety of a job where we allow others to tell us what to do in return for what seems like stability. It is all so easy.

But we fell asleep. We stopped thinking for ourselves. We gave up responsibility. And now the world around is changing faster than ever before. Our fictionally safe lives are starting to fall apart and we don’t know what to do.

But we can give ourselves permission to take back our sense making. We can reach out to each other through our online networks to tell each other stories, to collectively work things out. We can do this at home and at work. We can use our new found skills to take back responsibility and have agency.

We can give ourselves permission to wake up.

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