Welcome to thenetworked.org - a blog that helps organisations become more connected through the use of social networks, inside and outside the business.

​I set this up (that's me, Gerard, on the right there) to scratch an itch I myself had. I've worked for two of the largest consumer goods companies out there and focused specifically on what we broadly call 'digital communications' - cutting the BS, that's mainly the building and management of websites :-). The thing is, websites have been around since the 1990s, so there's a lot of material out there about how to build and manage them. But as for social networking, especially for organisations, the material out there was, how can I put it....wanting.

​So I built thenetworked.org to scratch my own itch. It's (hopefully) a useful resource for anyone inside an organisation who is tasked with introducing or enabling social networking in their companies. We are all, to a certain extent, introducing it, however far along the track we are (if thats any comfort!)

So a bit about me...My name is Gerard, that's me there on the right, and I originate from the north of England (a fishing town called Hull, to be precise). I've always been passionate about music and the arts (especially cinema), as well as travel, languages, philosophy and technology. I spent a number of years after University travelling and living abroad (first in Europe, then Japan). On returning to the UK I settled in London where I currently live with my wife and two fantastic children. I spend every hour I can muster playing music, and particularly obsessed with a genre of music called 'jazz manouche' or 'gypsy jazz'.

Professionally, I've worked for two large organisations for over the last 10 years, namely Unilever and SABMiller. I set up my own consultancy two years ago (called 'Capsicum') for which I am Managing Director. If you'd like to work with me, or have a chat about how I could help you, please get in touch below. My areas of expertise largely fall around the following

  • Consulting on use of social networks in large organisations (ESNs). How to ignite social networking inside your organisation; how to create an allegiance of community managers to champion social networking in your organisation; how to train people in how to use these new fangled gadgets!
  • Consulting on use of social networks for external communications. How to build an effective content strategy and editorial process in-house; how to build employee advocacy and tap your most loyal brand advocates (your employees); how to measure the right metrics that resonate with your business. 
  • Training & coaching. I am available to run group training sessions and one-to-one, one-to-few coaching sessions on any of the above.

Any questions please give me a shout below and thanks for reading...

Gerard and camera shy daughter!